Atelier Bettina Kraus

07.2015 – 2. SEMESTER

Taken from the webpage of TBBK (www.tbbk.de/de) and translated to English:

The exhibition takes place in the Wechselstuben, a temporary space installation by Michael Beutler at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. The first object and the first house of the architecture students of Bettina Kraus at the BTU Cottbus are shown. The creation process begins with the decision for a material − wood, felt, stone or metal − and the specification of a limited number of processing possibilities.

Simple dividing and joining techniques are used to turn the different materials into a series of amazing figures with a sculptural presence. By experimenting with isolated aspects such as location, scale, programme, circulation and interfaces, the objects become an associative raw material for the first house. […]
The exhibition was coupled with the later release of the publication Werkstücke − Objekte zu Häusern machen − Atelier Bettina Kraus in October 2017.