08.2020 – 2. SEMESTER

The Continental-Gelände (known fondly as the “Conti-Gelände” by Hannoverans) was a rubber factory which started production in 1899. 100 years later, production was halted and the building complex was abandoned. In 2018, a building wing was demolished in order for the construction of the new Wasserstadt to begin − a housing development about 150m away from the ruin. Although the surviving building is denkmalgeschützt (protected for its historical / architectural value) it is to be demolished − the argument being contamination of the interiors during industrial production.

The renovated Conti-Turm (tower) is to remain, as an orphan of the past. A dreary reminder which would be better off torn down too, for its presence, once a prelude to another time and space, will be reduced to a useless keepsake. A hypocritical memento of the homicide that is taking place; a homicide in the name of the future. An insipid future that will become weary the very moment it comes into being. And a place for contemplation, reflection, imagination, curiosity, and nostalgia, gone forever. Decisions in the name of Reason are often the most unreasonable.