The Fagus-Werk is a shoe last factory designed by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer in 1911 in a pure modernist style. The client was the entrepreneur Carl Benscheidt, who wanted to reflect his open business philosophy upon a building that more than 100 years later still does not look out of fashion.

C. Benscheidt used to work in the factory just across the tracks before deciding to become independent.

Curtain walls were not only highly modern but also almost unprecedented in an industrial building.

The “open” and completely transparent corners of the building were nothing short of revolutionary.

The north-facade overlooking the tracks was the first view of the building for clients coming from Hannover and was thus carefully planned.

The brick facade was constructed with slightly irregular elements to save costs. This gives a stronger sense of texture and materiality.

A former wood storage (left) accomodates an exhibition nowadays and stands out for its size and different surface on upper floors.

Workers of the Fagus-Werk in 1912. The factory still produces shoe lasts to this day (among other things) albeit in a much smaller scale.